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River Bend School District

Committed to our Communities! Albany * Fulton * Garden Plain
  • Notice of Public Hearing - Date Changed to June 19, 2023

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  • Notice of Public Hearing - June 21, 2023

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  • Dutch Dancers Wanted - Dutch Days 2023!

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  • Kindergarten Round Up is coming up!

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  • RBMS Career Day Presenters

    RBMS holds a Career Day every year, typically once in February and once in April.  We put the presenters into 1 of 16 categories based on their career cluster. If you are willing to be a presenter for one of our career days, please fill out the Google form linked below. Filling out the form does not guarantee you will be a presenter, but you will be placed on the list of possible presenters.  




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  • RBMS Newsletters

    My name is Mr. Henrekin and I have the pleasure of serving as the building leader at RBMS.

    We are really excited to start a new school year!

    Each month, we will be sending out Steamer Snapshots that includes pertinent information about happenings at RBMS and a glimpse into all of the positive things taking place within the building every day!


    2022-2023 Newsletters

    September 2022 

    October 2022

    November 2022

    December 2022

    January 2023

    February 2023

    April 2023

    May 2023



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  • Community Graduate Profile Feedback

    The River Bend School District is working develop a Graduate Profile.  A Graduate Profile includes experiences PreK - 12th grade that we believe will produce a productive high school graduate.  The district is looking for feedback from parents and business partners to help us identify the traits for our district.


    Here are a few examples of other school districts profiles.




    A committee of teachers, administration, board member and parent have identified the 5 success indicator categories we feel best fit River Bend.  We would like you to provide feedback on the top 2 or 3 characteristics under each success indicator that you find the most important.   We have also included a space in which you can enter your own characteristics if you feel we have missed a characteristics.  We will use this data to then put together the River Bend PK - 12 Graduate Profile.  


    If you have any questions, please contact Kathleen Schipper at kschipper@riverbendschools.net


    Please fill out the survey by October 31: https://forms.gle/iqEC9u8WYBixYXVK7



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  • River Bend Student Support Update


    Dear River Bend Families,


    I am excited to share news about two opportunities for students and families that the District is starting in the near future.  Safe2Help and a partnership with Sinnissippi Centers will provide our students and families with mental health support.




    Safe2Help is an online, text, call, app, web and email communication tool that students/families can use to report mental health concerns, suicide concerns, bullying concerns and other related concerns to the appropriate authorities, police or school administration.   Safe2Help will be rolled out to families and students in the next few weeks.




    Sinnissippi Counseling services will be offered to students and their families on-site at Fulton High School, River Bend Middle School and Fulton Elementary School.  Sinnissippi will provide a school based counselor who will provide services on-site at the school.  This is similar to the on-site counseling services that were being provided by Morrison Hospital over the last few years.  Sinnissippi will provide the counseling services for a fee and will work with insurances and Illinois Medicare/Medicaid to cover the billing process.   Sinnissippi staff will be on-site Tuesdays at Fulton Elementary and Thursdays at RBMS and FHS.  Sinnissippi services will begin Tuesday, October 25, 2022. Two documents are being included to provide additional information about the services being offered by Sinnissippi.

    School Parent Letter Fall 2022 Fulton

    School Based Behavioral Health Counseling Model



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  • Board Member Election Information





    Nominating petition forms for the April 4, 2023, School Board election in River Bend C.U.S.D. #2 will be available September 20, 2022, at the Whiteside County Clerk’s Office and the River Bend CUSD #2 District Office.  You may pick up packets at the District Office, but all forms and information is actually processed through the Whiteside County Clerk’s Office at the Courthouse in Morrison.    


    A School Board candidate’s petition must be filed in the County Clerk’s Office no earlier than 8:30 a.m., on Monday, December 12, 2022, and no later than 5:00 p.m., Monday, December 19, 2022.


    Candidates’ names will appear on the election ballot in the order in which their nominating papers are received at the County Clerk’s Office.


    Four seats on the seven-member Board of Education will be filled at the April 4th election.  Candidates elected will serve four-year terms expiring in April, 2027.  In relationship to the law which states that no more than three (3) persons from any township can hold seats on the Board of Education at a given time, two (2) persons could be elected from Fulton Township, and/or two (2) persons could be elected from Albany Township, and/or two (2) persons could be elected from Garden Plain Township, and/or three (3) persons could be elected from Ustick Township, and/or three (3) persons could be elected from Union Grove Township, or a combination of the preceding listed openings that equal four Board seats. 


    To be eligible to serve, a School Board Member must be, on the date of election, a citizen of the Untied States, at least 18 years old, a registered voter, and a resident of the State of Illinois and the school district for at least one year immediately preceding the election.


    Elections are nonpartisan and Board candidates do not indicate a political party affiliation.  Candidates should be aware of financial conflict-of-interest limitations set forth in state law.


    Nominating papers may be filed by the candidate in person, by mail or by an agent.  They consist of the following:

    1. Nominating petitions signed by at least 50 voters residing within the district.  Petitions must be securely bound together with pages numbered consecutively, and each page must carry the notarized signature of the petition circulator.
    2. Statement of candidacy, which includes a request that the candidate’s name be placed on the official ballot, the address of the candidate, the office sought, and a statement that the candidate is qualified for the office and has filed (or will file before the close of the petition filing period) a statement of economic interests as required by the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act.
    3. A receipt from the county clerk showing that the candidate has filed the statement of economic interest as noted above.
    4. A loyalty oath, which is optional.  A candidate may choose to file it or not.


    Further information on becoming a candidate in the April 4th board election may be obtained by contacting any River Bend Board of Education Member or Dana Nelson, County Clerk, (815-772-5189) or the River Bend District Office (815-589-2711).

    For more information about the nature and duties of serving on a School Board, contact the Illinois Association of School Boards:  IASB, 2921 Baker Drive, Springfield, Illinois 62703.  You can also visit their website at https://www.iasb.com/about-us/publications/pamphlets-and-tools/about-school-boards to view “What is a school board and what does it do?”

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