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River Bend School District

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High School Planning

FHS Master Schedule - Full Year 2024-25

FHS Graduation Requirements 2025

FHS Course Handbook 2024-25 - This guide has been designed to help you and your parents plan your high school program while attending Fulton HS. It is a comprehensive guide to the curriculum available to Fulton High School Students 9-12.

Course Listing 2024-25

Freshman Registration Handbook 2024-25 - This guide has been designed to help you and your parents plan your high school program while attending Fulton HS. It is important that you seek the help of parents, teachers, counselors and principals in planning an educational program to fit your individual needs. Each student should strive to get the best preparation out of his or her time in high school to be successful in the world of work, technical school, or college.

Freshmen Transition Plan - Is an outline of Fulton High School's Freshman Transition Program.

Typical 4-Year Plan - This is a typical 4-year plan with all State and FHS requirements listed and the number of electives that can be scheduled.

High School Curriculum for College Planning - If you are planning on going to college, you must plan your high school experience accordingly. Included in this document is information provided by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) with factors that influence College Admissions.

Registration Information Common terms, definitions, and general information.

Extended and Advanced Educational Opportunities for 2024-25 - This is a list of educational opportunities that are an extension of the normal FHS curriculum. Courses include; Honors, AP, Dual Credit, Dual Enrollment, Vocational, Community Involvement, Internships, On-line and Credit recovery classes.

Schedule Change Policy - Care needs to be taken on selecting classes. It is the philosophy of Fulton High School that all classes are for one (1) full school year unless stated otherwise.

Community Involvement Permission Forms 2023-24 - Request for placement and parent permission for Community Involvement. Seniors only.

Additional Resources: 

WANT TO BECOME A TEACHER? Students interested in becoming educators have the opportunity to earn an Education Pathway Endorsement from Fulton High School and the State of Illinois. Some of the benefits are below.

  • Completion of the pathway allows the students to earn a certificate of completion from the state of Illinois.
  • Golden Apple Scholarship
    • Golden Apple Scholars receive:
    • Up to $23,000 in financial assistance for college, inclusive of paid Scholar Institutes
    • Extensive classroom teaching experience
    • Academic and social-emotional support
    • Job placement assistance
    • Mentoring from our award-winning teaching faculty
    • Students will automatically move to Final round and be in the top 20% of the applicant pool.
    • Gives them hands on experience and early on.

Please click on the title above to get a copy of an Individualized Learning Plan chart and Education Pathway Requirement Check List to see what it would take to earn this endorsement.



Alternative to a Fulton High School Diploma


What is the HiSET? - The High School Equivalency Test (HISET) exam is the new alternative to the GED test, it can help you achieve the important state-issued high school equivalency credential. Passing the HiSET exam shows that you have attained the academic knowledge and proficiency equivalent to those of a high school graduate. The HiSET exam has also been aligned to the Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE) College and Career Readiness (CCR) Standards for Adult Education that were released in April 2013. The HiSET diploma/certificate is accepted by employers and accredited colleges in all 50 of the United States. Click on the title above, "What is the HiSET?" for more information. Click on this link for Clinton Community College's HiSET program.  EICC/Clinton Community College

What is the GED? - The General Educational Development (GED) tests are a group of four academic subject tests in the United States and Canada certifying academic knowledge equivalent for a high school diploma. This certification is an alternative to the U.S. high school diploma, as is HiSET. Passing the GED test gives those who do not complete high school, or who do not meet requirements for high school diploma, the opportunity to earn a Certificate of High School Equivalency or similarly titled credential. Click on the title above, "What is the GED?" for more information. Click on this link for Sauk Valley Community College's GED program.  

 Sauk Valley Community College